Do you market to Indian Teenagers
or Students?

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What We Do

Teentrum Media (FashTech) is a digital media startup, our brand “TeenAtHeart” serves niche Indian Teenagers (students) segment and related stakeholders. With over 600,000+ unique visitors we receive 1 Million+ page views monthly.

You can showcase your products and services to this dynamic, tech-savvy audience and help them to make their lives better.

Our Services

Lead Generation

We go deeper in Sales Funnel. We generate Marketing and Sales Qualified leads as per your criteria.


Engage with your target market, offer freebies, giveaways, prizes with quizzes, contests and competitions.

Vernacular Ads

Audience respond better to local language ads. With us you can target ads based on city and content language (e.g. Marathi, Hindi).

Std. Advertising

We also offer standard banner (display), native, sponsored posts etc. advertising solutions.

Market Surveys

Custom Market Survey campaigns for Indian teenagers, students and parents market.

Brand Advertising

Videos have better recall value than text and images. Extend the reach of your video campaign with our OutStream Video Brand Advertising Solution.

Why us?

Transparent Process

You will get detailed Delivery and Billing Reports as per agreed timelines; so you don’t have to worry about where your money is going.

Affordable Fees

With our pocket-friendly ad options, you’ll spend lesser than you spend on programmatic ads, overpriced ad networks or publishers.

Quality & Control

Before running the campaign itself, you can check the quality of the content on which your ads will be shown. Options to choose day, time, location for ad delivery.

Ad Options

With us, you can choose different types or combinations of ad models such as CPM, CPC, CPI, CPD, CPA, CPL, Sponsorships, Roadblock etc.

Advertise With Us

Does your product or service strive to make Indian teenagers and students life better?

email us on to explore opportunities to showcase your product. We work with you to get you better ROI.