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Teenagers are misunderstood.

Teenagers are neither children nor adults. They are energetic, adventurous, rebellious, curious; they like to take risks and try things. Their body is changing physically and biologically. They are evolving socially and culturally. But same time, they are misunderstood, called arrogant, indisciplined. They suffering from classical and new age problems.


Lack of understanding of the problem, social stigma, and taboo.


Unavailability, limited reach, and cost of offline professional services.


Presence of bad quality, irrelevant, monotonous digital content

Tomorrow teenagers will shape the future of India, but they need help TODAY!!​


We offer free, quality, engaging, relatable and relevant content in English and Indian languages, plus various digital products, community platform and partner services to help them to make their lives better.


Availability of free and affordable onine professional services.
(e.g. doctor consultation, career guidance, educational loans)

Community Platform

A platform to to ask questions, give answers, share views and experiences, express opinions and show their talent.


Quality, relatable, relevant content in English and Indian languages which satisfied functional and emotional needs.

What our users are saying?

I got a gift from my APS Ahmednagar because they have given a topic as “Write a letter to your motherland” I wrote this essay and I got the 1st prize of 50 thousand rupees.
Thank you so much!
I’m really thankful and fortunate that I got information about black money in details. It was really very urgent as I have extempore competition tomorrow at school. Hope that this information will be helpful for me.
Once again thanks…
I am in a consultancy to give an interview. I wanted to know more about women empowerment and your essay has done a great help to me. It’s very effective and easy to understand.
Thank you.

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